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How to Deal With Real Estate Low Ball Offers

Receiving low ball offers feels like getting punched in the gut. When trying to sell real estate, we must keep in mind to always keep our best foot forward. Reacting negatively can only hurt our chances of successfully closing a deal. We must learn how to deal with low ball offers without losing our composure. Here’s how to deal with real estate low ball offers. 

Calmly reject the offer 

You can politely reject their low ball offer by saying, “thanks, but no thanks”. By standing firmly with your asking price, it lets them know you’re serious and have done your homework before selling your property. This is easier said than done though. Take at least 3 deep breathes before you reject their offer. When you let your emotions get the best of you, it makes you look bad from other people’s perspective. Learn how to say no the right way. Even if you don’t close the deal with that person or party, you’ve certainly earned their respect. 

Stress your case 

Listen and make a counter-offer to stress your case. Again, it is very important to control your emotions when you stress your case. Don’t take it personally. Maybe, it’s all they can actually afford. Look at things objectively to be able to get your point across without sounding sarcastic. If you can explain clearly why your property is priced that way, they’ll understand. They can either submit a counter-offer or walk away. 

Look at comparable listings 

The only way to objectively put a reasoning behind your price is to look at comparable listings. The figures will strongly validate your position. You can honestly tell them that your property’s value is actually worth its price. The value of the property is dictated by a lot of factors. The current market conditions, location, job prospects, the economy, and a lot more.  

Present the appraisal report 

To come up with a fair price, you must get your property appraised. The report will show how much is the current fair market value of your property. Tell them that this how much they should pay for a property and still get the best value for their money.      

Consult your agent 

You hired an agent to help you out in selling your real estate property.  Negotiations can be tough for some. Consult your agent on what he can do for you during negotiations. Now is the best time to put their negotiation skills to the test. This is one aspect where you really need to have an expert on your side. 

8 Reasons to Buy a Condo

If you’re considering buying a house, a condo can be a smarter choice. Most of the time, condos are cheaper than most single-family homes and they offer conveniences that are not available in regular homes. Here are eight reasons to buy a condo: 


Condo homeowners enjoy several amenities that are otherwise costly for regular houses.  These amenities include golf courses, swimming pools, gym, tennis courts, and clubhouses, even the natural sceneries-such as beachfront or lakefront- become more affordable as it is shared with other owners, rather than an individual paying for all of these. 


Living in condo provides a strong sense of community as the homeowners often set-up social events. This may not be true when many occupants are families as short-term renters who come and go on a regular basis. If you want to experience a close-knitted community, check first how many units are occupied by the owners and how many are for rent. 

Great location 

You can find condos in many strategic locations. Many condo buildings are located near work areas, while some are in vacation places. You can find condo units in high-end places, like a beachfront, which makes it a viable alternative to luxurious living at a fraction of the cost. A single-family home in the beachfront demands for millions of dollars while a condo unit in the same location could cost half of it. 

Equity and Taxes 

You could qualify for tax deductions if you will buy a condo. If your monthly mortgage payment would be the same as rent, owning a condo unit is a wiser decision. 


Many buyers consider owning a condo as a form of investment in the hope that the price will appreciate over time. Condo units tend to appreciate more slowly compared to single-family homes. Because of this, condo units would often be rented out rather than waiting for the unit to go up in value. If the rental payment is higher than the monthly mortgage, the owner can still get a profit every month. 


The biggest perk of owning a property is that you will not be responsible for the maintenance of the building. Since you are paying association dues every month, the management will take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the building. 


In general, condos are less expensive than other “regular” homes. This makes condo ownership a better alternative to people who want to invest in real estate for a lesser cost. 


You have several options to choose from on what to do with your condo unit. You can have it rented out long-term or short-term or just leave it vacant for a while. Since security will never be an issue, leaving it vacant is not a problem. 


Tips in Getting the Best Mortgage Interest Rates


Getting a mortgage is almost synonymous with home ownership. Because most buyers cannot afford a house in cash or through other means, getting a loan from a bank or other lending institution guarantees the seller that he will be paid. On the other hand, taking a loan gives the buyer an opportunity to own denver luxury homes for sale which he cannot afford under normal circumstances. 

Since paying a mortgage is a very big responsibility, it will be better if you will be approved for a loan with lowest interest rates. Doing see will make you save thousands of money in the long run. Here are some ways to do this: 

  1. Improve your credit score.

Lenders will evaluate your credit rating seriously. This procedure is to make sure that you will not default your payment if you will be approved. It is also their way to assess your financial capacity to pay each month. If your credit score is outstanding, you will most likely receive offers with lower interest rates. If your credit rating is low, you will get a deal with higher rates. Make sure that you have immaculately clean financial records or at least keep your credits to 20 percent of your credit limit and avoid making new debts. 

  1. Show that you have a job security.

The lenders will also look at your employment records. It will definitely help if you are working for the same company for at least two years. You also need to prepare your salary records verified by your company HR just in case the bank will ask you for this. 

  1. Don’t forget about your savings

You will receive a mortgage offer with a lower interest rate if you will make a down payment of at least 20 % of the entire loan. Lenders can accept any amount less than that, but you will be obligated to pay the private mortgage insurance, which can range from 0.5 to 2.55 % of the loan amount annually. Just to be safe, you must have a savings equal to two or three months’ worth of cash reserves. 

  1. Take the shorter loan terms.

If you have enough financial resources, you can opt for a shorter five to seven- year term instead of the 30-year fixed term. Shorter terms have lower interest rates compared with the long-term option. 

Tips to Help You Save For Your House Down payment

  When buying a house, you can make huge savings if you will give a big down payment for your loan. Doing so will enable you to receive better loan terms from your lender which include lower interest rate for a shorter duration.  

Saving for your house down payment can be very difficult. It could mean changing your lifestyle, sacrificing your other personal goals, and living simpler. If you have decent earnings, it can surely help. It takes a lot of discipline in order to aggressively save for a year or two. In order to help you plan how to save, read the following tips. 

Tip #1: Determine how much you need to save 

In order to know how much you need to save, you first need to understand how much mortgage you can qualify for. There are many mortgage calculators online that will help you compute for the mortgage. However, it will be better if you will sit-down with a mortgage lender so that you can fully understand the computation and you can get professional advice on how to be approved for the loan. 

Tip #2: Determine your time frame 

Determine when you want to buy a house. By doing this, you can figure out how much you need to save every year. For instance, you want to buy a house 5 years from now which requires a down payment of $45,000. This means that you need to save at least $9,000 every year. If you have a shorter timeframe, you will have a higher annual savings goal. 

Tip #3: Determine the best method of saving for you 

Since you know exactly your purpose for saving, it is not advisable to save money in risk-type investment options such as stock, foreign exchange, real estate investment, trusts, etc. Go with the safest route which includes the boring old savings account or a certificate of deposit. It is inviting to invest your savings in higher risk vehicles since you want it to grow more but it can backfire on you if the market becomes unfavorable. 

Tip #4: Make room in your budget 

Now that you know how much you need to save per month, you also need to determine how much you need to budget for your monthly dues. You must have enough resources to cover both: savings and expenses. If your income is not enough, maybe it’s time to consider having a double job or cut-off some more from your expenses. 

Points Based on Real Estate

Many realty specialists fail within the initial couple of months of trying to produce a firm venture from property investing. The technique starts with an useful marketing plan then exercising a disciplined campaign to the advertising and marketing intend on a likewise basis. There is a great deal a lot more should succeed, and you will experience much more reminders, methods and also unique property marketing methods in this post.

Exists any person in your area that does not recognize that you purchase homes or that you are a real estate professional? If so, you normally aren’t carrying out additionally at advertising and marketing or rendering property spending info concerning your real estate spending company organization as well you might potentially be. I uncover real estate investors talking the moment that they typically aren’t obtaining seller phone calls as well as subsequently aren’t getting the leads they must situate the realty business deals they require to earn money. I state boost the marketing as well as the vendors will certainly Call. Not just that yet if you are canvassing the globe (or a minimum of your area) that you purchase problem property holdings, at some point you will be acknowledged for which reason you do and also sellers will certainly phone you simply on your performance history. this is just what is called affordable advertising and marketing.

Now I had actually never ever recognized either of those men in addition to have no idea that they are but that experience lets me identify that I need to be doing my company at enabling the world to determine my company is acquiring property in that location. There are numerous methods to allow the location identify that you are in the realty investing career and acquiring information out there that assists people identify you purchase repossessions, troubled realty, do real estate brief sales and also have really obtained a lot of property information and experience to turn houses. I have really attempted many type of advertising approaches genuine estate commercial endeavours of all selections and also have in fact come back to a few that constantly produce adequate leads for me to buy the 2 or 3 property holdings as well as houses I desire to acquire each and every single routine month.